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  • Longest Title Droughts in the NBA

    Longest Title Droughts in the NBA

    The San Antonio Spurs felt that seven years were like forever, waiting for their fifth NBA title. Four years is eternity by Los Angeles Lakers standards. But there are franchises like the New York Knicks and the Philadelphia 76ers who have been going on without another NBA championship for much longer. This isn’t a post […]

  • NBA Players With Most 60 Point Games

    NBA Players With Most 60 Point Games

    It’s hard to say if this is going to be the first and last time LeBron James reaches 60 points in a game, but it’s rare for a player to do it more than once. Only four: Elgin Baylor, Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan have been able to do it.

  • Teams That Came Back From 2-3 Down to Win the NBA Finals

    Teams That Came Back From 2-3 Down to Win the NBA Finals

    What are the chances the Miami Heat comes back from 2-3 down in their NBA Finals series against the San Antonio Spurs? Despite playing the last two games at home, they’re not too good, as only four teams have ever managed to turn that kind of deficit around in games 6 & 7 in the 2-3-2 format.

  • Reggie Miller – More Than Just Scoring and Three Pointers

    Back in the 1990’s, I’m not so sure what we saw in the Heat – Pacers game would have been called as flagrant fouls. Series like the Knicks – Pacers had more bad blood and ugly hits in them in one quarter than 7 games in today’s series. This immediately had me thinking about Reggie Miller.

  • Most Wins of the NBA Regular Season MVP Award

    LeBron James hasn’t been oficially announced as the MVP yet, but it’s pretty close. With the 2012 regular season award coming to him, he’ll be the eighth NBA player to win the award for a third time, putting him level with Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Moses Malone. He does need that NBA title that the rest of the guys on the list have.

  • Charlotte Bobcats, Worst Team With the Worst Owner?

    The Charlotte Bobcats, owned by Michael Jordan, didn’t just have a bad season like almost every other team has once in a year. They had the worst season in NBA history, going 7-59; a win percentage of 10.6% compared to the previous mark of 9-73 (10.97%) the Philadelphia 76ers set during the 1972-1973 season.

  • The Youngest Players in NBA History

    Kobe Bryant made his NBA debut shortly after his 18th birthday. So did Andrew Bynum and Tracy McGrady, the most notable names on the ten youngest players in NBA history and a group of 23, including LeBron James, to play in the league before turning 19, something impossible today.

  • 12 Most Fun to Watch Players in NBA History

    Not necessarily the greatest players of all time (although some are, like Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan), but these guys, including some more modern versions, are the best bargain for the buck (or many of them) you’ll pay or paid to watch an NBA game.

  • If You’d Have to Pick the Greatest NBA Player in History…

    Being a 90’s kid, Michael Jordan will always be the one. GOAT, some call it. The greatest basketball player of all time, the best to wear an NBA jersey. One of the greatest, most dominant and popular athletes of all time. I’m bought, what can I do. But this being a subjective matter, there are other opinions. And we’re here to present them, and the players, who at least by some or more, are considered as the greatest NBA player in history.

  • The Shortest Players in NBA History

    The shortest players (5’7 and under) in the history of the NBA.