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  • Euro 2012 Final – Spain vs Italy Summary

    No one was really surprised that Spain beat Italy in the final of Euro 2012, but no one expected for the Spanish players, especially Xavi, Iniesta and David Silva to produce their finest performance of the tournament, leading the team to a devastating 4-0 win and a record third consecutive major international title, leaving the Italians stunned and crushed.

  • Euro 2012 Final – Spain vs Italy Predictions

    Since their first meeting in Euro 2012, it looks like Spain and Italy have gone in opposite paths regarding their tactical self-assurance and love affair with critics and fans, which still leaves Spain as the favorites to win the final and claim their third consecutive major title, but no one’s really sure that Italy are real underdogs anymore.

  • Euro 2012 – Spain for History, Italy for Surprise

    Although saying that Italy will win Euro 2012 as we head into the Final on Sunday wouldn’t be such a risky statement to make, saying they would win it before the tournament started sounded insane. For Spain, it’s been down this road, to this moment, for about five years, looking to make history.

  • Euro 2012 – Final Predictions

    It happens every 8 years, as it seems, that two teams that have already met in the Group Stage meet again in the final for the Euro. Spain, without really impressing anyone on their way to the final (for a second straight time) and Italy, with a very impressive knockout stage performance so far, are meeting again in the Euro 2012 final.