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  • Quarterback-Head Coach Duos With Most Wins in NFL History

    Quarterback-Head Coach Duos With Most Wins in NFL History

    How do you measure greatness? By wins, or Super Bowl rings? Or is it simply by which quarterback – head coach duo resonates better in the minds of NFL fans over the years? Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are the most successful partners in terms of overall wins, but others have their accomplishment of three Super Bowl rings, and there’s even one duo that beats that.

  • Donovan McNabb Won’t Be Getting Into the Hall of Fame

    Donovan McNabb hasn’t found a team yet for the 2012 NFL season, and while quarterbacks do get injured quite often and an experienced guy to fill in of the pine is always welcomed, but it seems no one is really interested in the 35 year old, six time Pro Bowl selection.

  • 5 Quarterbacks Who Really Need a Good Game in Week 2

    Crunch time failure (Tony Romo) or simply embarrassing days (Donovan McNabb), these 5 quarterbacks really need a win, and a convincing performance as well, to avoid the rise in pressure that usually comes after two bad opening weeks.