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  • Best Free Agents Still Unsigned (March 14 Edition)

    Best Free Agents Still Unsigned (March 14 Edition)

    After about a week of this free agency business, the NFL is ready to start it’s craze of second and third wave signings. There are still plenty of talented players out there, and it’ll be interesting to see who stars now after the New York Giants, Oakland Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars and also the Philadelphia Eagles made their spending ability felt during the first run.

  • NBA Rumors – Atlanta Hawks Still Undecided About Lucas Nogueira

    NBA Rumors – Atlanta Hawks Still Undecided About Lucas Nogueira

    There hasn’t been anything too impressive about Brazilian center Lucas Nogueira during the Las Vegas Summer League, and yet the Atlanta Hawks are still undecided about their first round draft pick, and whether to keep him on the roster for next season or give him another season in Spain to add playing time and a chance to better prepare himself for the NBA.

  • Best Out of Contract Players in Europe

    Best Out of Contract Players in Europe

    Far from the big names and big clubs which involve transfers of multi-millions of Euros and pounds, there are those who have run out of contracts in the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga, with quality players like Chris Brunt, Florent Malouda, Andrei Arshavin, Joan Verdu, Joaquin, Fabrizio Miccoli and Andreas Ivanschitz up […]

  • NFL Rumors – New England Patriots Interested in Elvis Dumervil

    NFL Rumors – New England Patriots Interested in Elvis Dumervil

    The sudden turn of events in the contract negotiations between the Denver Broncos and Elvis Dumervil suddenly send a great pass rusher no one expected onto the market, someone the New England Patriots might really be interested in signing.

  • Best NFL Free Agents in 2013

    Best NFL Free Agents in 2013

    The 2013 NFL Free agency class is dominated by players from the Baltimore Ravens, as Joe Flacco, Paul Kruger and Cary Williams might hit the market. Most of the talent that can be bought for money comes in the form of offensive linemen, like Ryan Clady and Sebastian Vollmer, or guys who can rush the passer, like Anthony Spencer and Michael Johnson.

  • Early Look at Unrestricted NBA Free Agents in 2013

    The summer of 2013 is going to be about the big men; the centers heading into free agency, with some of the league’s best entering the final year of their contracts. Along with them, with Dwight Howard being the obvious headline grabber, there’s Chris Paul to steal a bit of spotlight in the same city as the best players on the 2013 free agency.

  • Jeremy Lin Leaving the New York Knicks – The Disgusting Reactions

    It’s never surprising to see racism, ignorance and disgusting behavior from people and especially on the Internet. Jeremy Lin leaving the New York Knicks for the Houston Rockets after the Knicks didn’t match the offer sheet brought out the worst out of some people who refer to themselves as fans.

  • Donovan McNabb Won’t Be Getting Into the Hall of Fame

    Donovan McNabb hasn’t found a team yet for the 2012 NFL season, and while quarterbacks do get injured quite often and an experienced guy to fill in of the pine is always welcomed, but it seems no one is really interested in the 35 year old, six time Pro Bowl selection.

  • Good for Manning & Broncos, Bad for Tebow & the Team That Signs Him

    Peyton Manning was simply the better, needless to say obvious choice. One of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, despite his multiple srugeries, is something you go for, despite the cost, when the other option is Tim Tebow. John Elway never really caught on to Tebowing and the fan craze around the unconventional quarterback, and made the right decision.

  • 2012 NFL Free Agency – Nothing But Matt Flynn

    Matt Flynn dominated the NFL newswire. Yes, it was such a slow day. In general, it was a quarterback kind of Sunday. Alex Smith went out to meet the folks down in Florida for the growing more desperate San Francisco 49ers, while Peyton Manning kept throwing for the Titans, who look like the closest thing to signing the biggest name on the free agent list.