Tag: Game 1 upsets

  • Hawks and Mavericks Enjoy Start on the Road in Game 1

    The Chicago Bulls were stunned by the Atlanta Hawks and Joe Johnson (34 points) in game 1, the Hawks coming away with a 103-95 road win while Derrick Rose still troubled with his ankle. In LA, Dirk Nowitzki (28) led the Dallas Mavericks to a 96-94 win over the Lakers in the series opener.

  • Rockets Take Game 1 in LA, Beat Lakers 100-92

    The Rockets couldn’t win against the Lakers in the regular season. They lost 4 times. Come playoff times, none of that matters, as Yao Ming and Ron Artest played great on both ends of the court while Kobe Bryant tried to win the game by himself as the Rockets took Game 1 in LA. Boston continued to make theirs a hard playoff as they dropped game 1 at home, again, to Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic.