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  • Kentucky Over Kansas – Scary Good Way Too Early

    Kentucky Over Kansas – Scary Good Way Too Early

    It might not be a team with a number one overall pick in it, but Kentucky, with John Calipari doing the recruiting, have probably assembled the deepest and most talented team in the nation by far, with ten players that would start on any other squad in the country, unleashing their size and defense on Kansas, walking away with the 72-40 win.

  • Lamb Too Much To Handle – Kentucky Win First National Championship Since 1998

    John Calipari won his first national title after three unsuccessful previous trips to the final four, leading Kentucky to their first title since 1998, despite the best player in 2011-2012, Anthony Davis, scoring only one field goal against a fighting Kansas Jayhawks team, that just didn’t have enough to keep up with the speed and talent of the Wildcats.