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  • Premier League Referees At Their Absolute Worst

    Premier League Referees At Their Absolute Worst

    Two figures; Jonathan Moss and Martin Atkinson stand out as the worst of the bunch in another terrible day for refereeing in the Premier League, with the former allowing Manchester United a breezy win against Crystal Palace with an invented penalty kick and red card, while the latter made mistakes on both sides in the Arsenal – Sunderland match.

  • Robin van Persie Goals & Referee Mistakes win it for Manchester United at Chelsea

    Robin van Persie Goals & Referee Mistakes win it for Manchester United at Chelsea

    Best match of the Premier League season so far? Probably. Manchester United, lead by a prolific Robin van Persie, enojyed a quick lead and a frantic finish that saw Chelsea left win nine men and their comeback attempts thrashed by a goal from an offside position, giving the Red Devils a 3-2 win.

  • Real Madrid & Jose Mourinho Not So Confident Anymore

    Real Madrid, as a club – manager and players all together, simply took a rifle and shot themselves in the foot. Instead of keeping Barcelona at an unreachable place behind them, 10 impossible to catch up and erase points, it suddenly six, with Mourinho and his players completely flipping out during their 1-1 draw with Villareal, as Mourinho, Sergio Ramos and Mesut Ozil got sent off.

  • Two Messi Goals and Barcelona Win Lead to Another Mourinho Rant

    Pepe sent off, Jose Mourinho as well and one victorious brace from Lionel Messi stood out as Barcelona beat Real Madrid 2-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu in the first leg of their Champions League Semi Final.

  • Soccer Tackling – The Strong, The Dirty and Roy Keane

    Soccer players don’t always dive and fake it. Sometimes it really really hurts. Sometimes things get broken and can’t be put together again. Here are some of the fiercest and dirtiest tackles seen in recent years on the Premier League’s pitches plus an added bonus from the Champions League and a US – Canada Match.

  • Jose Mourinho – Genius, Clever, But Wrong

    Jose Mourinho made a brilliant decision by sacrificing two players he didn’t need next week and telling them to get themselves sent off last night against Ajax. Good for Real Madrid, bad for the sport.

  • The English Premiership’s Red Card Kings

    Being tough and aggressive is good, to a certain extent. Here are six guys who have seen the referee show them red more than anyone else in the Premiership’s history. And no, Joey Barton is still not on this list. On the other hand, Alan Smith is.

  • 2010 World Cup Diary – Day 9

    No referee mistakes – only goalkeepers. The Netherlands used it for a win (1-0 over Japan) while Australia could only draw with Ghana, taking advantage there. Denmark finished Cameroon’s chances with a 2-1 win. Plus – All the goals, best pics and hottest fans from Today’s action.

  • 2010 World Cup Diary – Day 8

    Day 8 in South Africa – All the goals and the bad calls, hottest fan and best pictures from a day when Germany and the United States got screwed and England made it very complicated for them.

  • Red Cards A’Plenty – Right or Wrong?

    One huge Milano derby, one Real Madrid win over Malaga with a Cristiano Ronaldo brace, three red cards from two quick-to-fire ref’s. Right or Wrong?