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  • The Forgotten Baggio

    The Forgotten Baggio

    The most famous Baggio in the world is Roberto Baggio. A football prodigy, one of the most popular players in the world over the last 30 years, who played for Fiorentina, Juventus, AC Milan and Inter, and almost leading Italy to World Cup glory. He was once voted as the world’s best player, picking up the most prestigious individual award, but his number of titles doesn’t go hand in hand with the aura of his individual greatness.

  • Roberto Baggio – Penalties Aren’t Always a Problem

    Roberto Baggio – Penalties Aren’t Always a Problem

    One of the greatest footballers in history, but what most people remember is him missing that penalty kick against Brazil in the 1994 World Cup final. Roberto Baggio has been retired for quite some time, but any chance to see him on the pitch is pure magic, even if it’s just some penalty in a charity match.

  • Francesco Totti & The Amazing Numbers at Old Age

    Francesco Totti & The Amazing Numbers at Old Age

    While it is arguable whether or not Francesco Totti is actually playing well as Roma tear from the Italian league, it’s hard denying his efficiency, which is quite easy to demonstrate through numbers, making him quite a phenomenon at the advanced footballing age of 37.

  • Top Ten Scorers in Serie A History

    The 10 greatest scorers in the history of the Italian Premier League, the Serie A.

  • The History of Soccer’s Most Expensive Players

    From Groves to Ronaldo – The progression of the transfer fee records in the world of soccer.

  • The Biggest Soccer Traitors in Recent History

    Cleveland Cavaliers fans are feeling betrayed, no doubt. But they’re not the first or the last who’ll be dumped for a better offer, despite thinking that their star will always be loyal. And just for the record, it doesn’t happen only in America. There’s still a sense of loyalty and not “just business” feeling with European Soccer, but just a small sense. And it certainly wasn’t there when these guys made their decisions.

  • Getting Ready For Sunday – Remembering the FIFA World Cup Finals

    Four days away from the end of the 19th FIFA World Cup and, we take a stroll through history lane and check out the previous World Cup Final matches from 1930 to 2006.

  • The Greatest Players Who Never Won the World Cup

    The best players ever to play in the FIFA World Cup but retire without winning it.