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  • Longest Time Before the First & Last Tennis Grand Slam Titles

    Longest Time Before the First & Last Tennis Grand Slam Titles

    Roger Federer winning his 19th Grand Slam title and 8th at Wimbledon makes it 14 years between his first and most recent major Tennis championship. While that beats out most players who have enjoyed longevity and multiple Grand Slam championships, surprisingly it isn’t the longest timeframe between first and last since the Open Era began.

  • Rafael Nadal – Soon More Grand Slam Titles Than Roger Federer

    Rafael Nadal – Soon More Grand Slam Titles Than Roger Federer

    Whenever the discussion of Rafael Nadal and his chances to become the all-time leader in Grand Slam titles comes up, the words ‘as long as he doesn’t get injured’ are heard. And it’s true – Nadal is an injury risk. But even with that risk, it’s getting clearer and clearer that the day of him dethroning Roger Federer isn’t very far away.

  • Wimbledon Final 2012 – Roger Federer Winning, Andy Murray Crying

    For a moment there, it looked like Andy Murray finally found what it takes to become a Grand Slam and Wimbledon champion. Then came the rain, and Roger Federer found his forehand, form and confidence. Eventually he found his way to a 17th Grand Slam title and the number one spot in the World, leapfrogging Djokovic and Nadal after a 4-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-4.

  • Rafael Nadal – French Open Champion for a Record 7th Time

    Novak Djokovic lost all the edge he had over Rafael Nadal in less than a year in terms of psychological warfare. Rafael Nadal, on the clay courts of Paris, is simply impossible to beat. He needed two days and four sets to set a new record at the Roland Garros, winning his 7th French Open, leaving Bjorn Borg behind him.

  • Djokovic – Nadal, 2012 French Open Final Prediction

    For the first time in his career, Novak Djokovic has reached the French Open final. In the way of the last piece of the puzzle for him, completing the career and special Novak Grand Slam, is the master of the Roland Garros out to set some records of his own, Rafael Nadal.

  • Rafael Nadal Favorite to Make Roland Garros History

    Rafael Nadal needs to become the sole holder of the record for Roland Garros titles; He needs to move up the all-time Grand Slam charts, making it to 11, five less than Federer; He needs to stop Novak Djokovic’s streak of Grand Slam titles. He needs to win the 2012 French Open, in 8 words.

  • Roger Federer is the Best (Blue) Clay Player in the World

    Look Out, Tennis World. Roger Federer clinched his first clay title since winning the Roland Garros in 2009. That year he also won the Madrid Open for the first time, predicting the good things to come. Blue clay, Red Clay, doesn’t matter. After beating Tomas Berdych, Federer climbs back to #2 spot on the ATP rankings at the expense of Rafael Nadal.

  • Novak Djokovic Presents – Six Steps to Destroy Rafael Nadal

    An outstanding year and it keeps getting better. Novak Djokovic continued his dream 2011 campaign, beating Rafael Nadal for a sixth consecutive final, winning his fourth grand slam title, his third in 2011 (only the sixth player in the Open Era to reach that mark) and his first US Open, while so far losing only two matches all year. This isn’t just a great tennis year, this is one of the more impressive achievements in all of sports.

  • Nadal – Djokovic, 2010 US Open Final: Things to Consider

    Some stuff to think about and good to know before Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic face off in the final of the 2010 US Open.

  • Isner – Mahut : The Numbers

    Here it is – 6-4, 3-6, 6-7, 7-6, 70-68. Yes, this isn’t basketball. John Isner beat Nicolas Mahut as the two completed the longest match in Tennis history. Herculean, said John McEnroe. Farce, say others. Doesn’t matter which side of the fence you’re on, this was quite a physical feat by both men who need to take the rest of the year off. Here are some of the numbers, now in Wimbledon and tennis record books.