Adnan Januzaj & Chicharito Continue the Manchester United Diving Tradition

Adnan Januzaj

Even with Ashley Young out of the lineup, there doesn’t seem to be any cease to the proud diving tradition he established at Manchester United, with Javier Hernandez and Adnan Januzaj trying to emulate the master in the loss to Manchester United, without really succeeding.

It’s hard not to feel sorry for the two youngsters, who must be frustrated from the poor management that has led the club to the 10th place after 15 matches, something not even the most pessimistic of United fans and most optimistic of haters dreamed about.

Hernandez was the first to strike, as he was making his way through the Newcastle penalty box. His attempt to dribble past Coloccini was getting out of hand, so he decided to make the most of the Argentina sending out his leg. Coloccini was already pulling it back and barely brushed Hernandez, but the frustrated Mexican striker tried to fool the referee into thinking something actually happened.

tumblr mxhc4oXHNn1qaorn7o1 400 Chicharito & Adnan Januzaj were guilty of dirty dives in Man Uniteds defeat to Newcastle [GIF]

In the second half, the worst of the two for Manchester United, it was Januzaj’s turn to try and cheat. The Belgian winger was side stepping Hatem Ben Arfa, but once he realized the ball was getting away from him, he decided to pull the dive antic, which actually was bought by the referee.

tumblr mxhc4oXHNn1qaorn7o2 400 Chicharito & Adnan Januzaj were guilty of dirty dives in Man Uniteds defeat to Newcastle [GIF]

Those two incidents didn’t really help United avoid yet another defeat at home, their third this season and second in a matter of only four days. However, diving footballers are nothing new, not at United or in the Premier League in general. The problem is that the Red Devils do get more attention than others with these attempts, and their table situation is making it look like an even more desperate attempt at cheating and changing their fortunes.

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