Adnan Januzaj – The Dirty Diving Just Won’t Stop

Adnan Januzaj

Another match goes by, and as much as Adnan Januzaj is doing wonders for his reputation as one of the best young talents in Europe right now, he’s also making a name for himself and Manchester United by not missing an opportunity to try and cheat by deceiving the referee and diving whenever there’s a chance for it.

The problem? Januzaj doesn’t do it very well. English referees are like the English media – they seem to think that British players dive a lot less than foreign players. Ashley Young and Gareth Bale might disagree with that perception, but it might help to see why Januzaj is usually booked or at least ignored by the refs when he goes on leaping through the air without anyone actually touching him.

James Collins made it look like he was going to reach out and try and tackle the young Belgian, but never did. That didn’t stop Januzaj from going into full dive mode, leaping in the air and crashing on the grass like someone just destroyed his ability to walk or run on two feet. Mike Jones booked him for simulation, which isn’t the first, and probably not the last time this will happen.

David Moyes, who has always said he is for fair football and against diving, not having a problem reprimanding Ashley Young (which has recently found his form again) and benching him for his antics, goes the other way with Januzaj, simply because the Belgian is playing very well at the moment. He decided to blame other players tackling him and referees for not protecting him, channeling Alex Ferguson instead of telling the truth or saying he didn’t see the incident.