Akil Mitchell, New Zealand Breakers Basketball Player, Has Eye Come Out of Socket in Freak Injury

In a scene usually exclusive to sports films, basketball player Akil Mitchell suffered a horrific injury, as his eye came out of its socket in a game between the New Zealand Breakers against the Cairns Taipans.

Mitchell was taken to a hospital in Auckland, and according to the Breakers general manager, there was some damage to the eye but it seems that the injury isn’t as severe as initially feared, and vision should be restored. For now, Mitchell has returned home, and will undergo further medical examinations to make sure there’s no long term damage to the eye and to his eyesight.

The incident occurred with 7:53 remaining in the final quarter, probably due to contact with Taipans player Nnanna Egwu. All of Mitchell’s teammates looked like the color left their faces as they dispersed in horror, while Mitchell was rolling on the floor in shock and agony, waiting for treatment to arrive.

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