Alessandro Nesta Sent Off For Headbutting Claudio Bieler

Begin experienced doesn’t always mean you make wise decisions, as Alessandro Nesta of the Montreal Impact decided to headbutt Claudio Bieler of Sporting Kansas City after the Argentine forward kicked or stepped on his fingers following a tackle from behind.

Bieler actually scored the opening goal in the match through a penalty kick right before the half-time whistle, but Montreal took the lead in their 2-1 win through goals from Sanna Nyassi and Collen Warner, but Nesta, into his second season with the Canadian club in the MLS, stole the show with his first red card since joining the North American league from AC Milan.

Bieler tackled Nesta from behind, and before the Italian centre back came to his feet, he sent a small kick or step to Nesta’s hands, which infuriated the World Cup winning player, who used to be known for his elegance in defense during his best days in Italian football. Nesta rised and immediatly hit Bieler with his head, right in front of the referee, which gave him no choice but to send him off.