All 40 New Kits of Premier League Clubs in Ten Seconds


A new season of football in the English Premier League also means new uniforms. All the teams have already caught on to the trick: Not just bring out one new kit for the next season but two, which means we have 40 new versions of the same thing we see every season.

The Premier League, more than any other soccer league in Europe or on the planet, is about squeezing every piece of economic paper and coin from the pockets and wallets of its fans. So what if the changes are minuscule compared to the jersey from last season? Someone needs to pay for the race car a man barely out of his teenage years is going to purchase.

Maybe we’re being a bit cynical, but it’s hard to avoid the truth. The Premier League is becoming an expensive experience, drifting away from fans and affordability. There is no attempt from the teams and the league itself to take a few steps in the direction of fans. Maybe one day this whole bubble will burst, although the engine that runs this league isn’t just based on local revenues.

This GIF, regardless of what it represents, is quite cool. It might hurt your eyes a bit, but just like the Premier League, we aren’t about substance, but about the flash and the exterior appearance.

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