Records Broken or Tied in Super Bowl XLVII

Quarterbacks steal the show, even when someone else deserves most of the credit. Taking a look at the list of records broken or tied in Super Bowl XLVII, it feels like Jacoby Jones might have made the more suitable MVP in the game, not Joe Flacco.

Jacoby Jones

Somehow, despite all Jones did in the 34-31 win by the Ravens in the Super Bowl, he didn’t win the MVP award. It’s hard to grab more attention than quarterbacks, but some would argue Jones did enough to merit the award.

His numbers: one reception for 56 yards and a touchdown; 7 punt and kick returns for a total of 234 yards, including a kickoff return for 108 yards and a touchdown. He had a total of 290 combined yards, which is a new SB record. His kickoff return is the longest play in SB history, and the total kickoff return yards in the game of 312 was mostly thanks to him. Jones also tied the record for plays of 50-or-more yards with his two touchdowns.

Colin Kaepernik

Kaepernick did have a great second half and finished the game with 302 passing yards, a touchdown pass, an interception and 62 rushing yards on 7 carries. Still, he made a few very bad throws, and his problems in making passes inside the red zone under pressure are something he still hasn’t mastered. His running outside the pocket, however, is possibly the best in the NFL, and his 15 yard touchdown run that brought the 49ers within two points of the Ravens is the longest TD run by a quarterback in a Super Bowl.

More Records

Vernon Davis caught six passes for 104 yards, as Kaepernick suddenly remembered he has a very talented tight end to throw to during the NFC championship game. Davis’ 104 yards are tied for the most by a tight end in the Super Bowl. Michael Crabtree, Kaepernick’s favorite target with 109 yards and 5 receptions (catching one for a touchdown), combined with Davis to become the second duo with over 100 receiving yards each on the same team in the Super Bowl.

The third quarter, with 24 points, 17 by the 49ers and 7 by the Ravens, was tied for the highest scoring third quarter in Super Bowl history. The five field goals and the fact that they weren’t missed, combined by both teams is also (tied) a Super Bowl record. The blackout handed the game another record – the longest Super Bowl (at 4 hours, 14 minutes) in history.

Hat Tip: Immynimmy on reddit