Anastasia Ashley, Sexiest Surfer in the World

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As with plenty of female sports, being the best isn’t always the most important. Anastasia Ashley is an very good surfer, but far from the best in the world. However, it’s hard to argue about how good she looks and the commercial potential in that, which she is taking advantage of quite often without making any excuses.

Ashley made a lot of noise among people who have no clue about surfing with her twerking video earlier this year. Her other moment of fame that goes beyond the reaches of the surfing world was her spoofing a Kim Kardashian picture, probably looking a lot better than the original version.

Ashley, 26, is a walking endorsement magnet, representing Airwalk, Mobli, Rusty Surfboards and Boom Headphones among others, and spends most of her time splitting it between Hawai’i and Southern California.

Ashley does place among the leaders in certain pro competitions, but it’s quite obvious that the main reason for her popularity, which she isn’t trying to ignore, are her looks, which she is making the most of  through her endorsements, catalogs and several social media accounts.

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