On Andre Villas-Boas Letting it Rip On Neil Ashton of the Daily Mail

It’s hard to say Andre Villas-Boas is safe after the 2-2 draw between Tottenham and Manchester United. However, not losing is always a source of relief when you’re under immense pressure, and scoring two goals is certainly a change for the better. Instead of somewhat taking it easy after the draw, the Portuguese manager decided to vent some pressure in the press conference after the match, directing his angel at Neil Ashton of the Daily Mail.

What did Ashton do to generate this kind of wrath? He challenged Villas-Boas’ integrity, human values and most of all, his ability to perform as a manager, lining up a list of candidates to soon replace him at White Hart Lane.

Andre Villas-Boas

How good of a manager is Villas-Boas? Hard to say. The 2-2 draw didn’t offer any real solution to the conundrum. He’s young, Latin, looks good and speak English without a problem. On the outside, he seems like the next Jose Mourinho, but his record after leaving Porto for Chelsea suggests he’s still some way off being a fair part of that comparison.

For now, his struggle continues – thrusting Tottenham back into the title race, but mostly beginning with wins, which should come if Tottenham continue to play like they did against Manchester United, who got lucky by scoring two goals that were mostly about silly mistakes from Spurs than actually doing something special on United’s part.

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