Aras Ozbiliz With the Worst Corner Kick in History

Things didn’t really work out well for Armenia as they lost to Denmark in the World Cup qualifying match from Group B, but the most embarassing moment in the match came from Aras Ozbiliz, who made a complete mess of a corner kick by passing to himself and falling on the ball with his hand.

The most ridiculous part of the sequence, refereed by Bas Nijhuis of the Netherlands, was the fact that Ozbiliz was awarded another corner kick instead of being booked for using his hands, not to mention making a complete, foolish mess out of something so trivial as taking a corner kick.

The surprising thing was Ozbiliz being one of Armenia’s top performers on the day, with some astounding dribbles that plagued the Danish defense, needing a late Daniel Agger penalty to win the match 1-0 (avenging, somewhat, their 4-0 loss at home to Armenia in June), moving up to third in the group with two matches left.

Bulgaria are second with one point more (13), but have to play against the Czech Repulibc, who also need the points, and visit Armenia, which means that Denmark, hosting Italy who have nothing to play for, and playing Malta on the final day of qualifying, might have a slight edge when it comes to their chances of finishing second.

Ozbiliz, for those who don’t know him, is a winger that made his way up through the youth ranks at Ajax, playing for the Dutch club since 1998. He played two seasons for the senior squad, but was signed by FC Kuban in 2012, spending one excellent season with the club (11 goals in 24 matches) before being picked up by Spartak Moscow for €10 million.