Arsenal FC Transfer Rumors – Interested in Signing Iker Casillas

No matter what happens or what year it is, Arsenal never seem to be completely happy with the man they have at the goalkeeper position, which is why the situation at Real Madrid with the benched and frustrated Iker Casillas seems like a perfect opportunity to sign one when the next transfer window opens up.

Despite the departure of Jose Mourinho, Iker Casillas’ situation at Madrid hasn’t changed. Still on the bench, still behind the excellent Diego Lopez. The first goalkeeper for the Spanish national team, still, and yet not getting a minute of playing time for his club.

Iker Casillas Spain

Despite the fact that there’s no question about Casillas still being able to perform at the highest levels and of his importance to the national team with a big tournament coming up, at some point it’s going to be hard for him to see himself contending for a place in the World Cup squad if he doesn’t play at all for Real Madrid.

That’s where Arsenal come in. Wojciech Szczęsny is only 23, and yet it constantly seems that he’s already deemed as not good enough for Arsenal, always on the look out for a better keeper. Emiliano Viviano was brought in on loan from Palermo, but for now it seems like he’s just there to increase competition. Łukasz Fabiański has been with the team for a very long time, and he’ll never make it as a first team goalkeeper.

So Wenger turns to Casillas, who is only 32 despite his vast experience and success for both club and country. At some point, the greatest goalkeeper in the history of Spain is going to try and push his way out of the club he has played for since his high school days, because there’s plenty of football left in him. And it’ll be quite a contest for him.

Casillas is too strong of a figure to keep on the bench. It wrecked the Real Madrid dressing room last season and Carlo Ancelotti won’t enjoy a pleasant time in the club or from the media if Casillas remains an ignored figure on the bench. While it’ll be weird seeing him leave (just like when Raul did in 2010), selling him to a club like Arsenal or any other team that shows interest might be the only way out of a sticky situation.

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