Arsenal FC – Alexis Sanchez Doesn’t Make Olivier Giroud Any Better

Alexis Sanchez

The excitement spreading over Arsenal fans because of another summer that proves Arsene Wenger isn’t just about developing and saving money won’t last a long time if he doesn’t bring in more players. Relying on Olivier Giroud as the team’s lone striker was a bad idea last season, and it will remain just as bad this season if no one to at least give him some push and shove in the rotation arrives.

Last season, the injury to Aaron Ramsey was probably the most costly to their title hopes, which as always were dashed and crushed in the second half of the season before a frantic scramble to finish fourth. No one talked of success and achieving their goals this time, as the arrival of Mesut Ozil when the season began made it seem like this was going to be their year.

The sentiment remains the same with the arrival of Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona. Someone who starred in the World Cup for Chile. Another arrival from one of the two Spanish giants. Another summer with Wenger opening his famous “war chest” that he’s been fattening over the years. But is this what takes Arsenal over the top, ending what will be eventually 11 years since their last league title?

Mentally, a hurdle has to be skipped over without knocking it down. Arsenal failed in their big matches, colossally. Losing at Old Trafford to a bad Manchester United team. Destroyed by Chelsea and Liverpool on their away visits. Humiliated at Goodison Park in another disappointing visit to Merseyside. Arsenal still made it into the Champions League, always their goal, but didn’t seem impressive in any big occasion and test they had during the season.

So there’s that. And there’s Sanchez arriving. A winger, a supporting striker. All that and more, and player who showed he can be quite the star when he doesn’t have to curb his talent due to the presence of Lionel Messi. But he’s not the goal scorer and striker Arsenal need. He’s not the answer to the limited Olivier Giroud, who has a brilliant midfield behind him, but one that buckled under every sign of pressure during last year’s rougher stretches.

Giroud himself can’t carry this attack without help. Without someone giving him minutes on the bench to rest, knowing that Arsenal aren’t experiencing a serious drop off for it. Wenger still has some work to do before he can feel confident that this just might be the season. Alexis Sanchez is another step in the right direction, but far from enough to overcome the Chelseas, Manchester United and Manchester City of this world.

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