Arsenal FC – Arsene Wenger Won’t Stick Around Forever

Arsene Wenger

It may be a good thing, it may be a bad turn of developments. But it seems the day Arsene Wenger is no longer the manager of Arsenal is getting closer. What does the future hold? A turn of events for the better, or a sharp decline into obscurity and the unimportance that shouldn’t be a part of the everyday life of a club such as the gunners are.

Maybe PSG are the next team to enjoy the “brilliance” of the professor. Maybe with a different set of owners Wenger won’t be so hard to pull on the breaks, and change his philosophy when it comes to signing players.

Have Arsenal fallen from proud champions and title contenders into a team that can’t make it past the quarterfinals of the Champions League and barely finish in the top 4 because of Arsene Wenger? Because of an ownership that cares just about profit, and not about the ambitions of the club and its fans?

Wenger has made excuses for quite some time, but it is his poor decision making when it comes to choosing his players – signing, lineups, what not. One of the questions is whether a different manager, with the same ownership, would have done better? Possibly, although seem to think that Wenger has this bunch of players fighting for the 3-4 spots in hopes of another season in the Champions League is a success.

Others think it shows just how far Arsenal have fallen. When all they can attract are Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud, not coming cheaply at all, but not delivering the kind of scoring production you’d expect from forwards costing eight figures. When Jack Wilshere is wrongly mistaken for the team’s messiah, while Wenger doesn’t know how to harness that raw talent or keep him off the injured list.

Maybe Stan Kroenke is looking to sell, and someone a little bit more ambitious is heading towards the gunners ownership role. Maybe Arsenal are right now in the sane path of running a football team and will be the last team standing once the financial situation devours all. But the feeling is Arsenal are the only club playing by the rules while everyone else keeps moving forward in giant steps.

Arsene Wenger built this team back into where it belongs, the top, or near it, of the league. But his persistence to stick to his own path, which is old-fashioned and misdirected, might make us remember as a little bit less of what he deserves.

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