Arsenal FC – Mesut Ozil Might Be What Saves Arsene Wenger

It’s quite impossible to tell just how much at risk Arsene Wenger is because of the differences in evaluating his work between Arsenal fans and the ownership, but there’s no doubt that the arrival of Mesut Ozil can end all those questions and calls calling for his removal.

One big signing doesn’t erase a summer of lagging, leading people on and simply going after the wrong players. As good as Ozil might be, Arsenal’s biggest problem wasn’t at attacking midfielder. Bringing in someone to fortify the defensive midfield might have been the more need-solving addition.

Mesut Ozil Arsenal

But it’s hard to complain about one of the best players in the world arriving to the club. According to Ben McAleerno one in Europe creates more clear-cut chances for the players around him than Ozil, and while Arsenal have plenty of quality in their midfield with Cazorla, Rosicky, Wilshere and Ramsey, adding someone like Ozil bring in the kind of talent, passing ability and dribbling the team didn’t have before.

The players who will enjoy him more than anyone? Probably Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud, although it remains to be seen how Wenger will use him. For now, the Wilshere-Ramsey duo in the middle of the pitch, acting as defensive midfielders to an extent (until Arteta returns) remains, and so it’s about filling in for either Rosicky or Cazorla, which means the Czech player will hit the bench.

With Lukas Podolski injured, Cazorla will probably make the move left, as he’s a lot more adept at playing on the wings in the Wenger system that Ozil. Ozil can play on the right, but his effectiveness is greatly hindered as a winger, not to mention Theo Walcott is unmovable from his position at this stage, while Wenger’s system requires wide players to act like wide players.

Ozil, Podolski

Giroud has already shown he isn’t the same player that arrived bashfully from Montpellier last season. One year of playing in the Premier league has changed him, and he’s a lot more accurate than before. In short? He’s a much better player than the one Arsenal signed last season, off to 3 goals in the first 3 matches, with plenty more in the arsenal for him, looking to do much better than the 11 goals he scored last season.

More than his on-field benefits, the arrival of Ozil reinstates Arsenal as a team looking to win things. No longer settling for developing players or second-tier stars; Ozil might be the best attacking midfielder in the world, and is a leading star for one of the strongest sides in Europe. Arsenal haven’t had a player of his status in a very long time.

According to indications, he’ll be starting on his debut this weekend, so it’s not going to take long before we get to see him in action. The Premier League factor is something to consider, but the differences between the league and the rest of Europe in terms of pace and physicality aren’t the same as they were in the past. Ozil has everything going for him en route to success, and the only question is how much of a boost he gives Arsenal compared to their usual humble ambitions.

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