Arsenal FC Transfer Rumors – Edin Dzeko & Michu Become Potential Signings

Edin Dzeko Manchester City

Things are getting more and more desperate for Arsenal as the beginning of the season approaches, still looking for that one big signing that was promised earlier in the offseason. The next names on the list? Edin Dzeko of Manchester City and Michu of Swansea.

It seems like Wenger and Arsenal are quite convinced that their chase after Luis Suarez is going to end up as another unsuccessful route, and according to the Daily Mail, won’t be offering £50 million for the Uruguayan striker. Now, with only three days left before the season begins, it’s getting a little tight, and as always, quite panicky for Arsenal to find a marquee signing that will keep fans happy.

So they turn their attention to other strikers they feel might be relevant. The first name on the list is Edin Dzeko of Manchester City, but maybe Arsenal are a bit late regarding the Bosnian. When last season ended, Dzeko was quite unhappy with his position in the rotation and looked for ways out of the club – to Germany, Spain or Italy. But it seems that he is going to have a very important role to play under Manuel Pellegrini, and might not be too keen to leave City, especially to a club that isn’t as good as his current team.

Michu isn’t going to be easier to sign. Yes, Swansea could always use the money from the sale of certain players, but they made enough money off of Joe Allen and Scott Sinclair last season. Michu has always been off the table as far as Swansea is concerned, seeing the retaining of the Spaniard as a vital piece in their constant progress, which includes playing in Europe this season.

For both players, anything less than £25 million isn’t going to be enough. Dzeko, because of his arrival price in England and City being the club that they are, is probably the more expensive of the two. Michu would be released for £30 million, but do Arsenal want to invest so much in a player with only one good season in the Premier League? Arsenal have been anything but risky so far, and it’ll be a huge mistake to start changing their decision making process out of panic.

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