Arsenal FC Transfer Rumors – Mesut Ozil Very Close to Signing

Mesut Ozil Leaving

The last day of the transfer window is always a hectic one with plenty of news, rumors and suggestions that often lead to nothing, but it seems like Arsenal chasing down Mesut Ozil and signing him from Real Madrid is turning into reality.

The German midfielder isn’t happy at Real Madrid. Not with his salary, not with being replaced in the middle of the match, not with being left on the bench. According to the Telegraph and Marca, both reporting on different levels of advancement in the negotiations, Ozil is going to end up playing for Arsenal by the time we reach the deadline.

Arsene Wenger did say that he has a few surprises after the win over Tottenham, which gave us a giddier than usual version of the French manager. According to the reports, Arsenal have agreed on the personal terms with the German on Saturday, and are now on the verge of completing a £42 million move for the player, and that might not be the end of it.

The reports suggest that Arsenal are going to spend £80 million at once for Ozil, Di Maria and Abel Hernandez of Palermo, who is now a Serie B team. While that does sound ambitious, it’s hard to believe Arsenal are going to do all that spending in one day, and it’s also hard to believe Real Madrid will let go of both Ozil and Di Maria, even if they are bringing in Gareth Bale.

Ozil is currently one of the best attacking midfielders in the world, whose only weakness is his poor finishing in the box. However, it’s hard to find players of that quality waiting around to be “rescued” from a situation they’re not happy with, especially on a club like Real Madrid,.

For that reason, even if he isn’t the kind of player that Arsenal exactly need, it’s too good of an offer for Arsenal to pass, and considering all that Ozil has done over the last three years with Real Madrid and the national team, it’s not even such an insane price to pay.

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