Arturo Vidal, Bizarre Champions League Moment of the Season

It was quite weird that Arutro Vidal managed to finish all 90 minutes with only one yellow card in the Juventus loss to Real Madrid. It was even weirder that he tripped himself by kicking the grass and then tried to get a penalty kick out of it in one of the most bizarre moments we’ll see in the Champions League this season.

Vidal had a very rough night, like his entire team. If playing against a better Real Madrid team in the Santiago Bernabeu isn’t hard enough, they had to play without Giorgio Chiellini in the 48th minute. Vidal himself, a summer transfer target for Real Madrid, was carrying a booking from the 28th minute, which didn’t stop him from playing quite aggressively, with quite a few fouls from behind, but enjoyed the mercy of the referee.

Even after the sending off, Vidal didn’t change his ways. He kept on pushing forward, as Juventus slowly got over the shock of losing their best defender. In the 61st minute, in a rare appearance inside the Real Madrid penalty box, Vidal tried to set himself up for a shot. He got a slight nudge (not a foul) from Asier Illarramendi, which was only the opening of the comedy routine.

Vidal kicked the grass instead of the ball, tripping himself. However, instead of getting up, he started pointing at Illarramendi as if he was fouled by him. He then went on to hound the box referee, thinking he was clearly fouled. To be fair with Vidal, the feeling might have been of being kicked or tripped. The truth however, when he gets to see it on TV, will be a bit more embarrassing.