Ashley Young Dives, Chicharito Misses (Sociedad vs Manchester United)

Maybe this will be the match that sends Ashley Young into a long suspension or hibernation, as he added yet another embarrassing dive to his notorious collection, winning Manchester United a penalty kick that Robin van Persie missed in an awful 0-0 draw with Real Sociedad. The other meaningful event in the match? Chichartio, aka Javier Hernandez, missing from where it should be impossible to.

But we’ll begin with the absolute worse, which was Ashley Young. The winger came on for Chicharito in the 63rd minute, and didn’t do anything positive for United except for his fall, which wasn’t even a dive, inside the box. Ashley Young wasn’t touched. He just ran close to a Sociedad player, and decided to spin his way to the grass and convince Bas Nijhuis that he was actually fouled. Markel Bergara was booked for not fouling young.

A Dutch referee, a Dutch penalty taker – Robin van Persie, hitting the post.

Next worse? Marouane Fellaini, who keeps disappointing with every minute he plays for the Red Devils, this time adding a red card to the nothing he’s done so far for the club. He was tackling badly all match long, and that red card was in the air for a very long time.

Robin van Persie also had another blast to the same post two minutes earlier, but Javier Hernandez, who doesn’t get too many opportunities this season to show his scoring skills, missing in front of a wide open goal from 4 meters, had the worst miss of the night in the Champions League and one of the worst we’ve seen all season.