Atlanta Hawks – The Streak is Over; What Comes Next?

Anthony Davis

The longest winning streak in the NBA lasted 19 games, but it had to end at some point, with the New Orleans Pelicans led by a big game from Anthony Davis beating the Atlanta Hawks 115-100 which now means they are no longer the team with the best record in the league.

Davis scored 29 points and grabbed 13 rebounds, getting surprising help from Eric Gordon on an efficient shooting night (7-of-11 from the field) of 20 points; Ryan Anderson and Tyreke Evans each scored 15 points. Evans also finished with 12 assists, having one of those games in which he shows he’s not too bad as a point guard, willing to sacrifice his own points and shots.

The Pelicans jumped early on the Hawks to take a 32-22 lead. The offense simply didn’t flow that well for the Hawks in the well that they’re used to, shooting just 44.9% from the field and finishing with just 19 assists overall. They hit just 7-of-22 from beyond the arc, and Kyle Korver didn’t even hit a 3-pointer, which is something that rarely happens. Throwing the Hawks early off their game and forcing them to chase does make them seem a little bit more like everyone else.

While the Pelicans are in the midst of a long battle for the 8th spot in the West which will go on until this season ends, it’s interesting to see where the Hawks go from here. No one is expecting another 19-game win streak, but it will be suggested that they have peaked too soon. Staying on top of the East and more or less keeping it at around 75-80% with their wins from now until the end of the season will tell us they’re to be taken very seriously, and not just a passing fad that got hot too soon in the season.

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