Atletico Madrid Ball Boy Makes Cristiano Ronaldo Angry

Despite scoring a goal in the derby against Atletico Madrid, it wasn’t the best of matches for Cristiano Ronaldo who had plenty of frustrating moments, including a ball boy toying with him to the joy of the home fans.

As Real Madrid were looking for the equalizer and finally trying to speed up play, ball went out of bounds and Ronaldo was standing next to it. He was asking the ball boy, who is obviously on Atletico’s side with the match played at the Vicente Calderon, for a ball. The youngster acted like he didn’t understand or wasn’t hearing so well, and simply stood there, wasting time for Atletico.

When Ronaldo did come over to take the ball away from the kid, he threw it to the spot Ronaldo stood at originally, pretty much making Ronaldo run around for nothing.

Some might argue that this isn’t fair play and the kid shouldn’t be allowed to be Atletico’s ball boy anymore. However, many others see this as part of the home field advantage. The crowd gets into it, and the ball boys, usually playing for the home side’s youth teams, get a chance to help up the senior side by chewing up the clock a bit more or speeding up things when their team is need of a goal.

The most famous scene involving a ball boy happened last season in England when Eden Hazard and Chelsea played a match in Swansea. Hazard was trying to recover a ball that rolled outside, but a ball boy fell on it, trying to waste some time in favor of the Welsh side. Hazard tried to kick it from under him, and as a result was sent off for kicking (although he actually didn’t) the kid, and suspended for a few matches.