Baltimore Ravens – The Details of the Joe Flacco Contract

Everyone knows by now that the contract Joe Flacco signed with the Baltimore Ravens is the biggest in NFL history, which makes you wonder about how valuable is it to win a Super Bowl for any franchise, and also want to dive a little bit deeper into the details of the deal Flacco got.

Well, out of the $120.6 million for six years, $52 million are guaranteed. That’s less than the $60 million Drew Brees got last season, $40 million of those coming in the first year alone. Interesting fact is that in 2013, Flacco’s cap hit will only be $6.8 million, in order to give the cap-limited Ravens a lot more flexibility to re-sign players and maybe make a move or two in the free agents market.

How does Flacco’s contract look? 

» $29 million signing bonus

» $29 million cap number in Year 4

» $30 million in Year 1

» $51 million through Year 2

» $62 million through Year 3

» $80 million through Year 4

» $100.6 million through Year 5

Also included are Option bonuses of $15 million and $7 million.

What’s more interesting is to see the kind of cap-hit the Ravens are taking early on: $6.8 million through the first season, $14.8 million in the second and $14.5 million in the third. The huge jump occurs towards the second half of the deal, with a $28.5 million cap hit in his fourth season (2016), $31.1 in the fifth (2017) and $24.8 million in the sixth and final season.

With those kind of numbers popping around, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the deal being reworked at some stage, because it’s hard to see the Ravens being competitive for free agents  after 2015 with that kind of money allocated just to pay for one player.

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