Barack Obama = Miami Heat; Mitt Romney = Jeremy Lin

In order to get people who know a lot more about the NBA than they do about politics, United States president Barack Obama released the following comparison: He compared himself to the NBA champions Miami Heat and his foe in the presendtial elections, Republican candidate Mitt Romney, to Jeremy Lin.

This actually goes back to February, but released recently. Jeremy Lin was right in the peak of Linsantiy, winning consecutive games, coming up with 25 points, 8 assists games like he’s been an All-Star point guard for years instead of a guy forgotten on the bench who happened to luck out and have Mike D’Antoni call his name. The rest is history. They both aren’t with the New York Knicks anymore as well, whatever that means.

Anyway, Lin’s streak took quite a hit when the Knicks played the Miami Heat on February 23, losing 102-88 and Lin making only 1-11 from the field, getting the first real state of what it was to be a targeted star in this league against one of the best defenses in the NBA. Miami pretty much made of point of making it a nightmarish night for Lin, courtesy of Mario Chalmers and the rest of the LeBron James led defense.

Obama, an avid basketball fan, talked with other Democratic governors and was asked if he had what it takes to win the 2012 presidential race. His answer? We’re the Miami Heat, and he’s Jeremy Lin. Obama referred to the Heat’s success in shutting down the mercurial point guard. But the fact that Lin is the most popular NBA player in terms of jersey sales while the Miami Heat, NBA champions, are among the most hated teams in the league might give others a different kind of meaning to the president’s quote.

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