Barcelona vs Real Madrid – Victor Valdes Trash Talking Against Pepe & Cristiano Ronaldo

Victor Valdes

We still have more than two weeks left before the first Clasico of the season between Barcelona and Real Madrid, but it doesn’t mean it’s too early to start the trash talk, which involves Victor Valdes taking some humorous shots at Pepe and Cristiano Ronaldo.

During an interview to a Spanish TV show, Valdes mentioned that he is more afraid of meeting Pepe in a dark alley than a Cristiano Ronaldo penalty. Two birds with one stone, as it hints at Pepe being a dirty and violent player, which has shown up time after time, especially in Clasico matches but he’s had other instances against others as well, while having a dig at Ronaldo as well, although Valdes has never stopped one of his penalties.

This banter will probably pick up in pace and ferocity once the international break is over, and the match is actually clear to see beyond the horizon. We’ve already heard from Gerardo Martino and Carlo Ancelotti before the season began, as Martino criticized Real Madrid for spending too much on Bale, while Ancelotti responded by claiming Neymar didn’t exactly come for free.

In general, Ancelotti has been quite busy responding to Barcelona players and head coaches, with Gerard Pique commenting on the late penalty kick Real Madrid got against Elche from Cesar Muniz Fernandez. Alvaro Arbeloa was quick to react that time as well.

Things are different without Jose Mourinho running the show. Not just what he says, but what other players said about him. Few managers, if any at all, draw the attention and focus away from the players and team quite like him, getting even opposing players to talk about him. Mourinho is that good, and that irritating, or at least comes off as such when he has his way with the media.

The first Clasico of the season will be hosted by Barcelona at the Camp Nou on October 26.