Barcelona vs Real Madrid – Copa Del Rey Showing Who’s Better?

Sergio Ramos

Fans of both Real Madrid and Barcelona love to hang on to any shred of evidence proving or disproving which is the better team. According to the latest Copa Del Rey results, as Barcelona beat Cartagena 4-1 while Real Madrid slumped to a 0-0 draw against Olímpic de Xàtiva, it’s not hard to decide who are on the superior side.

BUt before Barcelona fans get too excited about Real Madrid giving themselves another match to play in, which means a bit more money from tickets sold and some TV cash as well, it’s hard to believe that this away draw will mean anything. It wasn’t exactly the Alcorconazo, that historic match at the Estadio Santo Domingo in which Real Madrid were stunned 4-0 by Alcoron. Karim Benzema and Alvaro Arbeloa both played in that match. In both of them Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t playing.

No crisis, no anything. Just a bad day of football, without too much motivation or luck. Real Madrid had plenty of chances to win the match, but lack of concentration and a bit of complacency as well didn’t really help their cause. It’s hard to see how something like this actually affects their season or ignites some mini crisis.

Barcelona? They conceded first in their match against Cartagena, another Segunda Division B team. Fernando Rodríguez Ortega, who grew up through the Sevilla youth system, scoring the biggest goal of his career, but there was no panic or pressure within the champions’ ranks. Two losses prior to this match didn’t change anything or increase the pressure. Pedro scored, and the floodgates opened – Cesc Fabregas, Pedro again and a final goal from 18-year old Jean Marie Dongou Tsafack finished the job.