13 Best Memes of the Los Angeles Dodgers Knocking Out the Chicago Cubs in the NLCS

Cubs Season Dead

The Los Angeles Dodgers end their 29-year World Series drought by beating the Chicago Cubs in the NLCS, sending the memes making fun of the no-longer-defending champions into overdrive.

It wasn’t an even series. The Dodgers won in 5 games, beating up the Cubs 11-1 in game 5, and outscoring the Cubs 28-8 in the process. Not remotely close at any point, although the scoreline might have been misleading in some of the earlier games in the series.

And it shouldn’t be a surprise. The Cubs did get hot late in the season, but they had problems generating runs from more than 2-3 players in the season and the playoffs; their bullpen has been iffy all year long. And they barely made it past the Nationals in the NLDS.

For the Dodgers, it’s finally a payoff for their enormous investment over the last few years. The team with the highest payroll in baseball which was on a historical run during most of the season until an inexplicable collapse later on. They’re back on track, and look like favorites to win the World Series, whether it’s the Yankees or Astros playing them next.

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