26 Best Memes of the Houston Astros Winning the World Series Against the Los Angeles Dodgers

Got a ring before Kershaw

One of the most fun World Series in recent years is over: The Houston Astros are the champions, while the Los Angeles Dodgers mostly appear in memes mocking them.

Clayton Kershaw was supposed to finally overcome his “choker” label, but his 4 clean innings pitches in game 7 didn’t help, because the Dodgers were already too far behind. Meanwhile, his game 5 performance is marked as one of the reasons the Dodgers remain without a World Series ring for 29 years.

Yu Darvish was an example of how difficult it is for Dave Roberts to change his ways. Darvish was awful in game 3 of the World Series but still got the chance to prove his worth in game 7. He was terrible again, and Roberts waited too much to take him out before it was too late.

The Astros did what the Chicago Cubs did: Tore apart the team and rebuilt from within along with careful outside signings. It worked. Three years of 100 losses or more ended, followed by playoffs, coming close to it and the franchise’s best season in 2017, ending with a ring they fully deserve.

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