Bayern Munich Have Been First in the Bundesliga Since Day 1 This Season

Bayern First Place

It’s hard to really describe the dominance of Bayern Munich this season in words, at least in the Bundesliga, so charts and numbers do it much better. Claiming the league title with a 20 point lead over Dortmund, six matches still left to play, does it, partially. Holding on to the top spot since day 1 is another, and probably a bit more impressive way of showing there wasn’t anyone really close to them this season.

The season began with an easy 3-0 win over Greuther Fürth, and that was it. Bayern began the season with 8 consecutive wins, conceding only two goals along the way (in 6-1 & 3-1 victories) before losing for the first time, a 2-1 home defeat against Leverkusen. That was back in October 28. Since then, Bayern have won 16 of 19 matches, drawing against Nuremberg, Dortmund and Bourssia Monchengladbach, while conceding only nine more goals along the way.

Some of their wins down the road – 5-0 over Hannover, 4-0 over Schalke, 6-1 over Werder Bremen, 2-1 away against Leverkusen and the recent 9-2 thrashing of Hamburg, have become noteworthy staples of a team that’s just a level above the league this season. Dortmund aren’t 20 points inferior to them in quality, but it seems that even Jurgen Klopp, who congratulated Bayern for winning the league title, admits that there’s no one as good as the new champions this season.

The Champions League? That’s a different story, although Bayern should be the favorites, thanks to their 2-0 win and their ability in the first leg against Juventus, to head into the semifinals. While you can argue about who has been the best team in the competition so far, with Dortmund also in that discussion, few would argue about Bayern being once again a team that looks quite ready and prepared to reach the final and win the trophy, hoping that an ultra-defensive side doesn’t show up to spoil the party once again.