2013 College Football Season – BCS Favorites Taking Care of Business

Florida State

Week 11 was about two teams separating themselves from the rest of the field: Alabama beating LSU to maintain their undefeated and number 1 status; Florida State to cement their spot as the number 2 team in the BCS standings, leaving Baylor and Ohio State behind them, waiting for one of the top two teams to drop the ball, although that seems highly unlikely.

The weekend concetrated on four games: Thursday night, as Oklahoma traveled to play Baylor and Oregon took the trip to play Stanford for Pac-12 supremacy. In the fallout of those games, which meant Oregon are no longer undefeated and probably out of the title game and maybe even worse, and that Baylor are truly the cream of the Big 12 and Oklahoma are once again short of their glory days in terms of conference dominance, it was up to Alabama and Florida State to simply not mess it up.

Did they? No. Alabama beat the overrated LSU team 37-16, reminding us nothing of the very close battles between these two teams over the last couple of years. It was the third loss the Tigers have picked up this season, managing to gain only 43 yards on the ground, in what was one of the most anti climatic games in the recent history of this rivalry, as T.J. Yeldon and A.J. McCarron had not problem dominating a team they love to beat.

Florida State had an easier time against Wake Forest, beating the Deamon Deacons 59-3, improving to 9-0 this season. The argument whether or not Oregon are the second best team in the country and whether or not they are the best shot anyone has to beat Alabama keeps falling before being tested, in the cruel world of the College Football world, where one loss means a quality of a team is erased on one bad night.

There were other ranked teams that lost, but with less consequence on the national title picture: Virginia Tech beat #11 Miami 42-24, which mostly means that the race to play the Seminoles in the ACC championship game isn’t over yet, with Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech holding the advantage in the division right now.

Notre Dame lost to Pittsburgh 28-21. The Irish don’t have a division to win, but it will knock them out of the top 25 once again (7-3), and their chances of finding themselves playing in a big-name bowl game are diminishing, especially with a game against Stanford left for them to play to end the season.

Texas Tech are also saying goodbye to the rankings after losing at home to Kansas State 49-26, making it a third consecutive loss for the Red Raiders.

Meanwhile, Ole Miss, Minnesota, Virginia Tech and Nebraska have all made a case for themselves to possibly return into the top 25, although it’ll probably work out for only two of them. Count on the voters to make sure the SEC teams gets in first.

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