Benfica Using Drones to Give Fans Football Jerseys

Benfica Drone

The fact that Benfica beat Rio Ave 4-0, bringing them closer to winning the Primeira Liga title for the first time in four years wasn’t the biggest news at the Estadio Da Luz, but actually the team using drones to hand out football shirts to the fans in the stadium.

From things only associated with military and less pleasant things, there’s been quite a revolution in drone use recently, with Facebook getting in on the action and even Pizza brands using them to make deliveries.

Maybe this is the beginning of a trend, that will increase the use of not just drones but other, well, robots, in football stadiums, making the fan experience and the spectacle beyond the actual game even greater.

In terms of details of the match, Rio Ave finished it with 10 men, as Benfica had Rodrigo, Gaitan and a penalty double from Oscar Cardozo get the job done.

Benfica Drone II

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