12 Best Memes About Los Angeles Clippers & Donald Sterling Racism

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There’s no getting around this one. Donald Sterling was caught on tape saying disgusting, racist, ignorant and dark things about people of color and minorities in general, which casts a bad light on the Los Angeles Clippers as an organization, while obviously getting the viral meme treatment by funny and creative people.

Sterling and a spokesman from the team mentioned that he isn’t a racist, trying to hint that the man speaking on the recording isn’t Sterling himself. The NBA are currently investigating the matter before Adam Silver hands out his verdict, but with V. Stiviano, probably not the innocent person she’s trying to make herself out to be through the lawsuit she and the Sterling family are having, not cooperating, there’s only so much the NBA can do.

The players and head coach Doc Rivers? You can feel sorry for them. They might say they don’t care about this, and how it’s only about what happens in the locker room and on the floor, but it’s hard to deny this has a huge effect on most of the team’s roster, who just happen to be African Americans. While players might talk about playing for the fans and not the owner, it sure didn’t seem that way in their loss to the Warriors.

Sterling is either going to be suspended for the rest of his life from seeing a team he and his family own, or forced into selling it. To the league? To Magic Johnson? Who knows. But this will be dealt with quickly unless Silver wants to botch up his first major decision as the league’s head honcho, and he better make a decision that satisfies the blood-thirsty media.

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