9 Best Memes About Spain Saying Goodbye to the World Cup

The Spanish national team leaves the World Cup with a win, as Fernando Torres and David Villa got their goals. The memes and jokes don’t relent from Torres missing quite a lot, or from Diego Costa being terrible in the tournament.

Maybe Villa could have been more useful to Del Bosque in the tournament instead of Costa, who hasn’t trained in a very long time and doesn’t seem to fit the system of the Spanish team? It doesn’t matter now. Villa isn’t going to play for Spain anymore, and La Roja isn’t in the World Cup anymore.

Juan Mata got his chance to play but like every goal he scored for Manchester United this season, it didn’t mean anything. Maybe he’ll have a bigger part in the national team’s future in the next few years, but he didn’t in this tournament.

Spain of 2008-2014 will go down as one of the greatest national sides ever if not the best. However, like all great empires, the collapse and ending was far less glorious and memorable.

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