15 Best Memes About Steven Gerrard & Liverpool Losing to Chelsea & Jose Mourinho

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As Liverpool lost to Chelsea in what might turn out costing them the Premier League title, two kinds of memes and jokes emerged, scorching the internet: Those about Steven Gerrard slipping in dramatic and tragic fashion, or the ones still making fun of Jose Mourinho and tactics that he likes to complain about when other teams play that way against him.

But there’s no doubt that the tragic figure, with no heroism included (unless Liverpool end up getting over this loss), is Steven Gerrard. The captain who had done everything with and for this club over the years, but one slip and turnover from him allowed Demba Ba to score the opening goal, and put Chelsea in an even deeper defensive stance, which Liverpool couldn’t break done.

Obviously, Mourinho had no problem using every possible trick in the book to walk away with a win. He didn’t come to Anfield to pick up three points. He came not to concede, and if by any chance he’d actually stumble upon an opportunity, so be it. Mark Schwarzer was great at goal, the parking bus had no holes or punctures in it, and Liverpool, mostly with long range shots, couldn’t find their way into the net.

The title still isn’t going to Chelsea, not yet. They have beaten both Manchester City and Liverpool twice this season, but have had too many slip ups against smaller teams to make these wins put them in pole position. They need both Liverpool and Manchester City to make more mistakes in what remains of the schedule for that to happen.

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