20 Best Memes Making Fun of LSU, Florida, Notre Dame, Georgia, Oregon & Auburn Girl


There were plenty of teams to mock with memes in week 4 for their losses: Oregon, Florida, LSU and Notre Dame to name a few, but it seems that an Auburn girl getting hit in the face with a kick caused the strongest reaction.

She didn’t get hurt, which makes it alright to laugh about it. The funny thing was she was trying to catch a kick that was sailing past the end zone following a kick off. Well, things don’t work out the way they should, and she got hit in the face.

Not ranked, but Notre Dame losing to Duke is probably the most humiliating of this weekend’s losses. The Irish defense is not even in the top 100 in a lot of categories, and the pressure on Brian Kelly to fire his defensive coordinator grows. Meanwhile, Oregon struggle in the post-Mariota era, losing at home to Colorado, which seems like an interesting low point to be in.

But the big three of impact losses were all ranked SEC teams: Georgia at Ole Miss, Florida at Tennessee after 11 consecutive wins, and LSU at Auburn. The Tiger derby actually saw LSU score a touchdown as time expired, but it was called off because the snap didn’t come in time. Michigan State are also worthy or a mention, getting crushed at home by Wisconsin.

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