25 Best Memes the Injured Dallas Cowboys Losing to Drew Brees, C.J. Spiller & the New Orleans Saints

The Dallas Cowboys hype train is coming to a halt with injuries and losses piling up. Memes obviously focus on them and their two consecutive losses, but a flashing fan stopping a field goal and the New Orleans Saints finally winning a game deserve some credit too.

The big belly that showed up for the whole world to see helped the Cowboys stay alive a little bit longer, forcing overtime through a missed field goal. But there the Saints needed just one play, an 81-yard connection between Brees and C.J. Spiller, to finish the game.

One can’t expect too much of the Cowboys. Their running game is OK, but they’re playing without their best wide receiver (maybe the best in the league) and without Tony Romo. Brandon Weeden is doing better than expected, but he’s not good enough to get this team anywhere. The best he can do is somehow keep their playoff hopes alive.

And for that to happen, they need to start winning games. Seeing as it’s the Patriots waiting for them next week, it’s probably going to wait until week 6 for the Cowboys to find their first win of the season.

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