20 Best Memes of Tom Brady & the New England Patriots Destroying the Pittsburgh Steelers

As expected, the memes a day after Tom Brady and the New England Patriots made mincemeat of the Pittsburgh Steelers, had more to do with Alarm Gate and the Patriots cheating than anything else.

That’s how it works. The Patriots have a reputation for cheating, and also this weird karma that any big win or game will have something out of the ordinary happen in its proximity; in this case, the Steelers hotel fire alarm going off the day before the game. Then there was a fire alarm of something of the sort in the stadium before the game.

But beyond superstition and conspiracy theories, the Patriots got the job done. Belichick once again found himself an unlikely hero, in this case Chris Hogan, and the Patriots made the most of the Steelers taking their time to settle in. By the time they got comfortable in the game, there was no way for them to cut into the Patriots lead.

This will be the 7th Super Bowl for the Patriots in 16 seasons. The Brady-Belichick tandem could make history by winning their fifth Super Bowl together. If it wasn’t already established that they’re the greatest duo in the history of the NFL, their Super Bowl matchup with the Falcons could finally do it.

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