10 Best Memes of April Fools’ NFL

April Fool's Seahawks

As you might imagine, memes were coming out of the woodwork on April Fools’ making fun of all the teams that have a hard time winning a Super Bowl, or running the ball when it’s on the one yard line.

Yes, making fun of the Seahawks is still funny. Pete Carroll knows it. Russell Wilson knows it. Everyone who watched the Super Bowl knows it. Failure haunts you, even if it was preceded by great success.

The Super Bowl victory photoshops were expected. The Cowboys actually have Super Bowl victories, but a lot of their fans weren’t even born when they won their last title back in the mid 1990’s. The Eagles and their championship ring? That’s hilarious.

And Aaron Rodgers in Bears uniform? That’s just cruel. Transfer jokes and news on April Fools are cruel. Some people actually believe that [email protected]#$.

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