15 Best Memes of Austin Rivers & the Los Angeles Clippers Destroying the Houston Rockets

The face you make

It’s not a mistake: Austin Rivers led the Los Angeles Clippers to a playoff win over the Houston Rockets, so most of the memes referring to the game are celebrating his Super Saiyan moment.

Rivers is either awful or great in this postseason, and the Clippers got the good side of him in game 3 of their conference semifinals series, coming off the bench for Chris Paul (who’s back from his hamstring injury) and outplaying the all-star point guard.

Obviously, Rivers wasn’t alone in this. J.J. Redick simply couldn’t miss and Blake Griffin was once again almost at two or three places at once. But Rivers, mostly because of how bad he is on pretty much every second night, stood out.

So many he is a real NBA player? Maybe he’s not just in this league because of his dad? The Houston Rockets, showing unique mental weaknesses so far in this series, are learning about him the hard way.

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