11 Best Memes of Both Barcelona & Real Madrid Losing on the Same Night

It’s quite rare to see Real Madrid and Barcelona losing on the same day, so the memes were obviously working overtime to celebrate the occasion, with Valencia and Real Sociedad, the latter managed by David Moyes, getting to play the role of upset kings for a day.

For Valencia it’s more than just a once in a while match. They’ve been giving Real Madrid a lot of trouble in the last few seasons, usually at the Santiago Bernabeu. With this win, they’re only four points behind Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, sharing the second and third spots with 38 points. Real Madrid, despite the loss, are four points above them.

Real Sociedad are a different story. A team that excels when visited by giants, beating Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and now Barcelona (1-0). David Moyes made a prediction he’d know how to handle Lionel Messi, and he didn’t have to for at least one half. Maybe one year at the highest levels did teach him something, at least when it comes to facing big clubs.

In short? Barcelona wasted an excellent opportunity to take advantage of a rare occasion: Real Madrid losing. When will it happen again? They need to hope it’s not going to take 22 more matches.

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