38 Best Memes of Brandon Weeden & the Dallas Cowboys Crushed by Tom Brady & the New England Patriots

Tom Brady & Tony Romo Meme

The New England Patriots and Tom Brady showed no mercy against the pitiful Brandon Weeden and Dallas Cowboys, and the memes weren’t very merciful either, which is always the case when the Cowboys lose.

Two of the most popular teams in the nation, therefore also two of the most hated teams out there, results in a lot of memes. Although some of them make fun of Brady and the Eli Manning connection (who knows, maybe we’re in for a third Giants-Patriots Super Bowl), most of them either glorify Brady or simply make fun of what the Cowboys season has turned into.

From Super Bowl contenders with Tony Romo and Dez Bryant to possibly the worst team in the NFC East. While their defense got some key players back and is looking the best it has in a few years, the offense, with Brandon Weeden trying to run it, is looking awful.

Weeden just can’t get reads fast enough, or the ball downfield. The Cowboys are actually considering benching him for Matt Cassel, which says a lot. The bye week they’re heading into couldn’t come soon enough.

Helping the Giants



Bunch of backups

Brady Winner

Not the real cowboys

Still one a bye week

Missing them

Throw the damn towel

An F'ing legend

Patriots Cowboys hat


Name the excuse

Pass on first down

Leave me alone


Logging outr

We talked too much

Deflate the Cowboys

Tebow running to Dallas

Cowboys walking dead

Jerry Jones, Quarterback

Weeden reading a defense

Edelman meme


No QB is better

Cowboys 2015

Don't piss him off

Still throwing picks

Another bye week

Injured Cowboys

Take me to jail


Looking for Dem Boyz

Silence gate

Brady Apology

Catch that joke

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