9 Best Memes of Bryce Harper Brawling With Hunter Strickland

Whether you agree with Baseball’s weird rules of honor and engagement, it’s hard to deny that a good brawl is something that’s hard to keep your eyes off. The meme makers had plenty of fun with Bryce Harper going after Hunter Strickland, and making one of the worst ever helmet throws anyone has seen.

Harper got clocked by Strickland. Not some fluke pitch or poor control. Strickland meant to hit one of the best baseball players on the planet, and someone with quite a temper, and glorious hair, flowing in every direction once the helmet came off.

So Harper went to confront Strickland, which meant a short scrap between the two before everyone joined in, although Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner preferred to stay out of it. Strickland actually clocked Harper first, coming after the pathetic helmet throw by Harper. Than Harper got a bit of Strickland, and the rest was your standard, all vs all baseball brawl.

Harper didn’t come out looking very good in this one, but maybe he didn’t have a choice according to Baseball’s unwritten rules. He and Strickland, and perhaps other players, will get a short suspension, and everything will return to normal. If you call semi-sanctioned fighting in a baseball game normal.

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