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9 Best Memes of Cesc Fabregas Signing With Chelsea

So Cesc Fabregas did what every Arsenal player does eventually: Sign for a better team. He did take a little detour through Barcelona, but eventually he landed in London again, only for a different club, which resulted in memes and jokes about his loyalty.

If there even is such a thing. Some might call Fabregas a traitor, but when it’s a player’s career and salary that comes first, as it should in this day and age, then signing for Chelsea was the smart thing for him.

In terms of football? I’m not sure. The tactics might not exactly be suited for a player like Fabregas, or he might come at the expense of someone from the trio that plays behind the striker. In any case, it’s a big move, and not just because of the transfer fee.

And as for Fabregas being over the hill, it’s hard to say. He never fitted completely at Barcelona. He always started the season well before disappearing in the big matches, but put up some impressive scoring and assist numbers. There’s still plenty of football in him, but only if he’ll be utilized in the right way.

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