23 Best Memes of Chile Knocking Spain out of the World Cup

One of the more dominant teams in the history of football is heading to the scrap yard. Spain lost to Chile and were knocked out of the World Cup four years after winning it. Just like after the opening loss, the memes and jokes at their expense were soon to follow.

The man taking more hits to his image than anyone else has to be Diego Costa, who has been terrible over the last two matches. Some even suggested he was a sleeper agent for Brazil, helping them out getting rid of some competition.

While the best joke in this batch has to do with Shakira punishing Gerard Pique, the Barcelona defender, like his teammate Xavi, wasn’t even part of the 2-0 loss to Chile. Xabi Alonso was the worst of the bunch in the match, but Vicente Del Bosque didn’t do too well in trying to fix the damage that was done.

What now? Hard to say, but the only thing certain is that they’re going home a lot sooner than anyone expected. They’re the third defending champions over the last four tournaments to get knocked out in the group stage of the next tournament, joining France and Italy in the shame boat.

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